Walshy Fire

Walshy Fire is an international DJ and producer currently part of the dancehall reggae-influenced group Major Lazer founded by EDM producer and DJ Diplo. Originally from Jamaica,Walshy had the #1 show in Miami radio for ten years running.

As an MC he toured for 8 years with the trailblazing Black Chiney sound system cited as a significant influence on the evolution of Major Lazer with its “mash ups” that blended hip hop or R&B rhythms with reggae artist vocal tracks. Mix tapes that Black Chiney sound developed were the training ground for Walshy to become a sought-after remix producer and advocate for some of music’s lesser known artists, giving them a platform to be introduced to a wider audience.

He’s released dozen sof innovative mix compilations, remixes of songs and single-artist mixes for artists like Chronixx whoseWalshy Fire Presents: ‘Start A Fire’ mix has surpassed 1 million plays.

Since 2012 Walshy has toured with the Major Lazerperforming on some of the world’s most prestigious stages and contributing on the production of the most recent two Major Lazer albums: ‘FREE THE UNIVERSE’ and ‘PEACE IS THE MISSION’. Maintaining a vigorous schedule as a solo DJ Walshy originated the concept “Future Dancehall” with its roots in Jamaica’s sound system culture and the touchstone for theWalshy Fire Presents record label. A current label release in production pairs reggae artists with hip hop artists as part of a freestyle ski movie soundtrack for the film ‘Be Inspired’ to be released in the fall of 2016. The lead single, a combination withRaekwon of the Wu-Tang Clan and Jamaican artist Kabaka Pyramid, ‘Be Inspired’ is released in January, 2016.